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Software Asset Management (SAM) is the combined effort of people, technology and process to gain insights, overview and control over software and cloud subscriptions. Knowing your IT environment, usage and performance and usage entitlements are still important. But SAM done right is a strategic advantage for each and every organization. How that works and in what way and how this can benefit organizations is what we – the ModernSAM bloggers – want to tell you. We like to share our knowledge, experience and best practices, so all are able to benefit.

We like to hear from you! So please feel free to contact us to have your ideas or worries on our agenda. And please do contribute to the discussion by entering your comments at the blog posts and share on social as much as you like. Many thanks, on behalf of the ModernSAM blog team. Are you an expert in the IT industry and have breathtaking ideas on Software Asset Management improvement? Join our team!