Why SAM is critical to Cloud success

As SAM professionals, we provide a critical set of services to our organisations which reduce risk and cost, improve governance and control, and improve IT user productivity.

Whilst the day-to-day workings of the SAM function are often unseen by the wider organisation, the SAM team offer a set of core capabilities which will be critical to successful adoption of new technologies.

  • Data gathering and normalisation – SAM Professionals are experts in using specialist toolsets to gather a wealth of accurate and valuable data, often over multiple data sources
  • Analysis of data – By mapping data to relevant business needs, SAM Professionals have experience in creating actionable insights that support our organisations priorities
  • Governance – As new technologies are assessed, migrated, managed and optimised, SAM Professionals are ideally placed to provide the oversight that is required to ensure whole lifecycle is controlled

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What’s on the horizon?
Many organisations are looking toward cloud software and cloud infrastructure, hoping to realise the promise of greater agility, increased flexibility and reduced cost. The challenge that many organisations face is how to balance up the ease of deploying cloud services with the risk of uncontrolled expenditure.

  • Do users who deploy services at a click of a button have authority to commit the organisation to the resulting expenditure?
  • When given the option to choose a service from a menu of possibilities, are decisions being made consistently and on the correct basis?
  • With the ongoing exponential growth in cloud services, how do organisations control which solutions should be used and encourage standardisation for efficiency?

Transitioning applications and infrastructure to cloud services will often promise cost savings and service improvements. But to gain maximum benefit, organisations need to ensure that cloud deployments are aligned with your organisation’s strategic requirements.

What do organisations need?
As SAM professionals we can apply our experience and expertise to support organisations address these challenges, and become the cornerstone for our organisations to successfully assess, migrate, manage and optimise cloud services.

  • Make better decisions about cloud adoption, based on increased awareness and knowledge
  • Support business cases with a business-focused cloud strategy
  • Develop a cloud migration plan that can be implemented in phases according to organisational readiness.
  • Monitor and manage Cloud service usage across the organisation
  • Provide data-driven insights to optimise cloud usage, control costs and support data security initiatives.

The future is bright for modern SAM professionals.

February, 2019