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Welcome to ModernSAM

The IT Asset Management industry is evolving rapidly. Both for suppliers and customers. Cloud transitions, business value, digital innovation and many more things need proper decisions based on facts and figures. And guess what? Modern Software Asset Management can deliver those facts. Smart professionals can help build the roadmaps based on those facts, help securing businesses, help thriving customer engagement and help increasing revenue.

Interesting? Sure. But there is a lot of work to do out there. Not every business, institution, government and not every SAM partner has the wisdom to know all. That is exactly why industry leaders of the SAM industry decided to start this Modern SAM blogsite.

With personal visions, best practices, great ideas and some disruptive thoughts we would like to inspire you to rethink what you were thinking. Color outside the traditional lines. Make SAM the best for your business as a strategic advantage. Welcome to Modern SAM!

PS: thoughts, ideas or comments? They are more than welcome

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Sandeep Misra
Jonathan Sharps
Erol Anil
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