Meet and greet with ModernSAM bloggers at Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Inspire, Las Vegas Nevada, USA from July 14-18 is by far the largest partner ecosystem event in the world. At least three of our specialist bloggers will be attending Microsoft Inspire. Are you attending (or planning to) and do you want a ‘meet and greet’ or want to exchange thoughts on Modern Software Asset Management? Please reach out to us for an appointment in Las Vegas.

ModernSAM Microsoft Inspire 2019 Las Vegas Software Asset Management

Sandeep Misra is Microsoft Director Worldwide Strategy with a strong focus on modernization and security within SMBs. He will spent large amounts of time on the SAM Booth in the SMC Sales Center in the Hub (formerly known as ‘the Commons’).

Erol Anil is attending Microsoft Inspire with a wide variety of activities. When you want to meet with our ModernSAM expert on compliance and SAM in a modern, cloud based world, we suggest you reach out for an appointment.

Our founding ModernSAM member Peter van Uden can be found, nearly each afternoon, at the SAM Booth in the SMC Sales Center of the Mandela Bay Convention Center. Besides that, Peter will tell attendees more on Partner-2-Partner collaboration within the Software Asset Management space.

Do you want to learn? Exchange thoughts or just want to grab a cup of coffee or something stronger? Reach out to our team!